Celebrity Gallery
Yes, the rumor is true, I did propose to my love,
June Wilkins
on the Sally Jesse Rafael show in Sept 2001.
Old Man Higgins did it for me, well sort of,
he stumbled over the words,
so I stepped in for him and asked June to marry
me on national television.
She said YES,
wedding took place on September 21, 2002

Here is a photo of Heather Henson
(Jim Henson's daughter)
and a new marionette called Diamond,
this marionette does an incredible act
called "Dance for the Sun" created by
Toby Van Eck of Johannesburg, South Africa.
I was the opening act for Heather
when she was in Austin for a film festival.

Yes, that is me with Mike Tyson
Yes, I am teaching Mr. Tyson how a puppet works
Yes, I am very scared!!

watch the encounter in my video section



While in Las Vegas, Met the Old man
at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.
I sold them this rare Fred Gwynne Car 54 Hand puppet

The Old man was so happy, can you tell?  (sarcastic)
I just had to meet Chumlee
and have him sign my Tennessee Tuxedo soakie.
Chumblee (the cartoon character) was the
pal of cartoon fame Tennessee Tuxedo

Hey Hey We're the Monkees!

We went to see Michael Nesmith in concert,
He performed his music, I taught him puppetry

Ask me how I met Micky Dolenz?
It's an awesome-sauce story.

My wife, June and I met Bob Saget at an off-Broadway play called "Hand to God." The play was about a Lutheran Minister and a puppeteer. What a coincidence - I'm a puppeteer and my wife is a Lutheran Minister!



What a thrill to be the opening act for Andy Gross the magician at the Red Skelton Theater in Vincennes, Indiana. The audience and managenment loved the Mr. Puppet Show!

Rusty Zippers and I had the privledge on
having a part in a Dorito's commercial.
Filmed in Wimberley, Texas at an old saloon.

I keep telling Rusty:
"that's not the camera"!!

The concept was a scene from the movie
"True Grit" the remake, starring Jeff Bridges

Watch the commercial in my video section!
 While visiting the Texas Renaissance Festival,
look who gets to go up on stage for
the Ded Bob Show?? ...... ME!
I have always heard of the popularity of Ded Bob,
I can see why The Ded Bob Show is a must see

During a visit to Hollywood,
who do I meet?
It's Jay Leno
he was doing his segment
on "Jaywalking"
(he didn't want my business card, go figure?)


Cousin Joey and Mr. Puppet play a rousing game of Go Fish with
Mr. Speed (KISS tribute band)!


Promoting the art of puppetry on Good Day Columbus.
We make two or three appearances a year - Watch for us!


The Fest for Beatles Fans Photos
I have the privledge of being part of the Fest for Beatles Fans Family since 1995.

Here are some great photos that capture the Beatles Love!!


One of the perks of performing at
the Beatles convention,
is meeting major Beatles guests!!
 I asked Joey Molland from "Badfinger"  "please give me my camera"?
He said to me:
"if you want it, here it is,
come and get it"
My George Harrison puppet takes a selfie with
(the real sister of George Harrison) Louise Harrison. She told me that George was aware of my Beatles puppets while he was still with us.
One of the privileges of living in Ohio is performing for the Amish community.
Mr. Puppet shows are Amish-approved & performed over 70 Amish Schools in the past 4 years.
I personally consider these shows a blessing and an honor.





I finally made it,  Mr. Puppet is now international!!
Here are some photos from the 2006 Japanese Ventriloquist convention
where I performed and lectured. Can you find me in the group photo???
June and I had a great time, met some incredible folks, felt an earthquake
and saw "squid on a stick" to eat, ummmm yummy.
While performing in Tokyo, Japan -
Our John Lennon act made the paper,
I think it says.... "Very Funny, talented and handsome ventriloquist Bob Abdou from Austin, Texas
performs an act with John Lennon, after the performance, the audience gave a 15 minute standing ovation
and the key to the city"
(that is what I would write!!).
Imagine Peace



I can't make this celebrity page without mentioning my immediate family (without being cut out of the will)
My father Jerry and my mother Phoebe visiting us from Ft. Myers, Florida.
My brother Billy, twin sisters Tracey & Janis from Atlanta, Georgia.
They are my biggest fans besides me being next to a big fan!
While performing in Chicago look who I meet...
Saturday Night Live Cast members Horatio Sanz and Fred Armisen
One of the greatest thrills so far has to be having lunch at the Friars club in Manhattan, New York
with Television Legend Soupy Sales.
The BEST part of knowing Soupy Sales is that he and his wife, Trudy, attended our wedding and reception.
Here he is with me and my lovely bride, June.
Knowing Soupy and Trudy Sales has always been special in my life. Before I moved to Columbus Ohio in august 2011, I always wanted to meet Soupy's son Hunt and his wife Heather and their daughter Sugar. .
I got my opportunity when I got to perform for Sugar's 5th birthday party. It was a great send off before leaving Austin, Texas. I was in awe and it was like a dream come true.

Thank you Hunt, Helen and Sugar!!


"Last Comic Standing" from season 2
Rusty tells a joke to Gary Goldman,
I think it was something about an oreo cookie??
And Jay London also from Last Comic Standing tells Rusty and Me the time he was reading his check book and got to the 3rd line and lost interest!!
 .......Thank You 
From the TV show "King of Queens"
comedian Patton Oswald visits with Rusty and me at Cap City Comedy Club in Austin, Texas
The one man who inspired me to go into the puppet business
is Floyd Vivino, known as Uncle Floyd.
Here I am performing with Cousin Joey
at the New Jersey restaurant called Calouchi's.
The man at the piano is Floyd,
he was doing his dinner show and he asked me to come up stage
and do my shtick.
 This was a fun night, thanks Uncle Floyd!!

Nobody believed me when I said
I was a "washing machine" for halloween in 1969.
Well thanks to Facebook and one of
my earliest childhood friends
Ralph Fratianni from Edison, New Jersey..
Here's proof  BOO-YAH !!

I've met some of the coolest people on  planet earth, and one such person is:
Kevin Stark from Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.
What makes Kevin so "hip" is that he is owner of one of the coolest museums in America:
The Toy and Action Figure Museum.
When June and I first went to the museum, my first thought was: "This must be what Heaven is like!?


In 1995, I went to comedy school taught by comedian Jeff Justice.
On graduation night I got to perform at
the Punchline Comedy Club in Atlanta.
Here I am with Teddy (I was awful back then).
I burned the video tape, no evidence!!

Being a big fan of Sesame Street,
I got to audition for a part in
The Muppet Movie "Muppets in Space."
Here I am at the Henson HQ in Manhattan.
I did not get the part,
I blame it on my toupee!!

During 2003, we lived in Philadelphia, Pa, I went to a puppetry guild meeting and the special guest was Oscar the Grouch and the man who makes him talk, Carol Spinney. 

After saying So-long to my toupee (see above),
I said Hello to Fozie Bear!
Say Kids, What Time Is It??
Here I am with Television Star
Buffalo Bob Smith and Howdy Doody.
We kept in touch with each
other until his death in 1998.
Yes, that is Jenny Jones with me and Cousin Joey.
We did her show some years ago.
It was a talent show that went wrong!
Typical talk show concept.
We did however make the Jenny Jones
highlight show for the year.
Even people in Pakistan know
who Mr. Puppet is!
By watching. . .
The Cartoon Network.
We were featured in
Space Ghost Coast to Coast.
Episode #51 titled "The Telethon".
In these 2 photos, we are filming the segment with puppets Robbie and Elvis.
See my appearance on Space Ghost on my video page.


When the 16th President of the United States challenges you to a thumb-wrestle, you don't refuse!
 I got to perform with some major stars at the New York "Rock-Pop & Peace" show.
Here I am with Erin Murphy
who played Tabitha on Bewitched.
Here I am with original Mouseketeer
and member of the Donna Reed Show,
who played Jeff Stone, Mr. Paul Peterson
and to the right is "OO-OO, Mr. Kot-ter" --
Ron Palillo, Horshack of Welcome Back Kotter.

My Puppet Life in Texas (2003-2011)
I wish I had more room to show everybody that made our life in Texas so great,
but here are some that made our stay extra special


 Did you know.....
that Oliver Hardy was born in Harlem, Goergia?  Here are 2 great friends and Laurel and Hardy look-a-likes, Dennis and Dale from Ohio.
Marilyn Munster was played by
Pat Priest,
and Eddie munster played by
Butch Patrick
That is me in the middle!
There are some folks that I will never forget and I want them to know that they
had a positive influence in my puppet life, such is the case with
Rose & Fred Knapp of Pakaluk Puppets,
A wonderful couple that really promoted the art of puppetry.
I will always be jealous of Fred, he still had a great head of hair up until the day he passed away.
A local show in Atlanta called"Good Day Atlanta" had my puppet family on for the whole show.
Here I am with Ringo, who did the weather forecast before the commercial break.
One of the greatest ventriloquists ever is
Dr. Paul Winchell
Here we are having Dr. Paul Winchell sign
the back of Robbie's head at
the 1997 Ventriloquist convention in Las Vegas.