Puppet Family
Puppet Family
Meet the Higgins Family
Oscar & Gertrude
Don't they look like a lovely couple?

Being married for 49 years,
they have some advise about
love, marriage and children.

You better listen cause Gertrude carries a
mean rolling pin and she aims to use it!!

Gertrude's catch phrase
"Whatta u lookin' et"


"Cheese to meet ya"
sez Cousin Joey.

Cousin Joey makes appearances
at special events.
He does it all and gets paid in cheese!!
Here is Stinky,
a real goofball if there ever was one!

Stinky's problem is that he does not
want to be a possum but an elephant!!

This is a prime example of
how we put the "fun" in dysfunctional!!

Stinky will steal your heart
with smiles and laughter.
Meet Bingo and that's his name-o.
A funny monkey used for children shows.
Bingo will try to convince the audience that
I am really the monkey and not him.
A hilarious act that will almost make
you wonder who really is
the monkey on stage??
 Meet "Barker" He is ONE CRAZEE dog,
We sing "How much is that Doggie in the
window" but this song has a twist to it. 

A really funny act with a great character!


As part of our "Wheel of Emotion" tour,
meet Diamond, an incredible marionette
created by Toby Van Eck from Johannesburg, South Africa.
She dances an interpretive dance to a song sung by
Neil Diamond called "Dance for the Sun."
For you dining and dancing pleasure, may I present:
Roofus Doofus, the singing cowboy and if we're lucky,
we'll meet his side kick
who is 1.2 Japanese and 1.2 American Indian,
his name is Nissan Pathfinder.

Roofus will sing his version of "Home on the Range"
and offer advice on marriage and life in the old west.
This is an act even a yankee will relate too!!

Meet "Motel"

from Fiddler on the Roof
(my favorite movie!)

A routine I first
performed at the 2008 One Way Street
Festival in San Antonio. 

If you know the movie,
you'll love this bit!!!
see video of Motel on the Video Page
Meet Grog, a lounge piano player,
designed for senior shows special events.
Don't let the wolf look scare you.
He'll huff, he'll puff --
and play some great ol' time songs
that will tickle your funny bone!!

Meet Mr. Fancy Pants,

Performed in the style of
the late pianist Victor Borge.

                  Premiered with much success                       at the 2014 Fest for Beatles Fans

see Mr. Fancy Pants in action on the video page

Meet "Loupee".

Loupee crossed the border
to teach American children the value of reading.
Little did I know that Loupee
crossed over the Canadian border

  Loupee has a catch phrase "Smell my feet."

Meet "Henrietta Operetta"
an opera singing chicken.
See her try to fly, 
See her try and do impressions, 
See her try to lay an egg -- 
          but only when she sings chicken opera!!         Dedicated to my mentor Bill Boley.
For a hoot'n holler'n good time,
meet The Mayberry Sisters,
Phoebe, Carol and Joann!
These three lovely ladies sing to a square dancing song that will leave you
stompin' your feet clapppin' your hands.
An opening act with
Astro, the Fiddlin' Raccoon starts the fun.
(they need lots of stage room to perform.)
This act is great finale to any  show!
"Oh Dear Lord, you made many,
many poor people...."

Feel the emotion as Tevya talks to the Lord
as we recreate one of the greatest
Broadway scenes of all time...

"If I Were A Rich Man" from "Fiddler on the Roof."

This is one of my favorite acts to perform
Audiences are mesmerized

A video of this act is now featured on
my video link
. Check it out!

This photo was taken  as the opening act for Heather Henson at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas.
For the "over 18" crowd, 
Meet "Jada"
yes she is an exotic dancer
from the days of burlesque.
You have nothing to fear or worry about
with this act except losing your dollar bills!!

Can't aford a real concert ticket for this original Diva??  You can now!!  We have extended her final farewell tour with this incredible marionette that sings, dances and delights all ages with her timeless music.
This act adds variety, beautiful color and a few other  surprises that captivate the whole audience.
A special setting is recommended for this stage act.
(Like no green m&m's in the dressing room)
One of my longest running acts,
meet Bob
(Bag of Bones)
 Fun for all ages, children AND adults
 With some rock & roll music, piano playing,
Bob will rock the house!!
Have a budget??
Meet Tiny the elephant he'll work for peanuts!
Designed for family shows, 
Tiny tells jokes, sings and shakes his tushy!!
Just watch out whenTiny drinks some water and you are sitting in the front row!
(caution: don't wear satin!) 

Meet Chilli the Snowman.

With warm music and some marionette fun,
Chilli will put you in a "Holly Jolly" mood
when you want to celebrate winter in July
or just in time for your holiday party.


Amanda Panda, one cutie pa-tooty!!
This colorful marionette created by Lee Bryan is a winner with children at any age.
Amanda is a great addition to your holiday show!!
 Meet Astro, the worlds only fiddlin' raccoon.
Astro delights the audience with fun sing-a-long songs so everybody gets into the act!!
A knee-slappin' good time is had by all!!
Here is "Roy the Scarecrow"
Just like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz,
Roy wished that he too had a brain.
And with the silly answers to the most simplest questions, you'll know why!!

Roy is also used in our
"No Way Jose" anti drug show
Meet the Sweet Tea, the Baby Dinasour,
and boy is he hungry.
One of the main characters for family shows,
This is a favorite act for children and adults
Meet "Baby Elvis"
this is one of my most craziest acts as
the Baby Elvis tries to sing "Blue Suede Shoes"
Just remember one thing when you watch this act...
Baby Elvis is a puppet!!
Meet "Freddie" as he plays ragtime music,
This act is sure to please all ages,
and who wouldn't love a face like Freddie!!
To break into the Sci-Fi conventions, who else could lead us in but the one and only.....
Mr. Spock and his new companion Prozac from the planet Zoloft.
Since Star Trek was cancelled in the 60's, Mr. Spock has been trying to fit on this planet as a human
(that's not easy with pointed ears).
With his new side-kick Prozac, these 2 far-out space nuts want nothing
more than to go back to their respectful planet.
But in the meantime, start the countdown and blast off to a fun show!!
"Live Long
The Greatest Rock & Roll Band of All Time:
The Beatles 
I have performed my Beatles show since 1996
at The Fest For Beatles Fans Convention.

A splendid time is guaranteed for all!









Remember 1983??? In the Rock and Roll show, relive the "Thriller" year
with Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney as these 2 dynamic duo
sing "The Girl is Mine", and just keep watching cause the ending
will leave you laughing your "nose" off!!
(Click Here to watch this video.)
Meet Willie the Werewolf
What's Willie doing wearing a Christmas hat??
He now works for Santa
After halloween he is unemployed and needs a job so he finds
one with Santa.
Hey a werewolf has to eat too!!
A funny opening act for the "over 18" crowd
We have performed at Northpark Mall for 8 years, which includes 4 years since moving to Ohio.
That's a great testimony for our shows!

Meet Floyd

An audience favorite,
maybe because of his crazy hair!
Floyd packs small
and performs BIG!

Photo from the
Northpark Mall
@ The Booksmark library
Dallas, Texas



Meet Hobo Joe &
Bubble-Blowing Fire Hydrant!

(featured at County Fair and Festival Parades)




All I want to Christmas is
"Jackson" the Christmas Elf,
a funny routine perfect for the holidays,
find out what really goes on at the North Pole!
Meet "Apple Jack" in the box
funny routine for dayschool programs
An apple a day won't keep Apple Jack away!!
One of my most requested acts is "Danny"
A dummy I had when I was 11 years old,
I try and bring back my old routine with no success,
find out why?
A clue for you all: Danny doesn't feel too good!!
to watch this routine, go to the video section and view my NY Beatles show


Having a Birthday Party?
This special feature costume will let all in attendance sing "Happy Birthday to YOU"
this is a funny, silly routine designed for all ages!
Meet Rosco,
perfect for senior shows
He moves to the tune of the famous song "Louise."
His color and magnificent detail will let your imagination wander to this world of elegance
This marionette was created by
Pady Blackwood, a dear friend.
Meet Miss Tillie Tinkle,
the newest senior member to our family.
Miss Tillie delights adults with her
no nonsense approach to life, love and MEN.
Dedicated to Edgar Bergen & Effie Klinker
Meet my partner
Rusty Zippers,
One of my main characters in my adult shows,
funny, clean comedy with a touch of bad magic.
Meet Moses,
the oldest living comedian
(he's a head in a box)
in the style of Senor Wences.
When the door bell rings,
out pops Moses delivering
one corny one liner after another,
hey... he's a head in abox,
how funny is that!!

Everybody loves a Dog! 
and everybody does when they meet

Martha the sheepdog

An instant hit with audiences
premiered in NY 2015.

This act is funny, fun and full of surprises!!

See video of Martha on the video page.


Aunt Fannie sings  the Beatles and lays an egg

Hilarious routine with a funny ending

Listen to the laughs and the flashes go off during this routine, that’s a sign of a winning act!



One concluding act you will see
in my show is a sing a long of
"Old McDonald"
this routine is magical as a drawing
comes to life right before your eyes,
this is a sight to see
We save the best for last,
Wow Wee the magical rabbit
will bring down the house (not literally)
as he performs some really bad magic
with me as his guinea pig.
notice the photo!!