See Mr. Puppet in action!
More will be posted from the 2015 Winter and Summer season, stay tuned........


Watch a preview of Mr. Puppet's "NO BULLY ZONE"  School Show!

"I have to tell you that I had just returned from a training session on good character and anti-bullying strategies and I was amazed at how perfectly your show addressed all of the key points on anti-bullying. The strategies that you shared with our students are the strategies that we promote and you did it in such an entertaining way that the kids are still talking about you.
I highly recommend your show to all elementary schools."

Cynthia Elizondo - Helotes Elementary Librarian


Here is a video that features children, family and adult shows!

Enjoy the charm and laughter of Mr.Puppet's marionettes 

Watch some acts from Mr. Puppet's Beatles show, New York 2010

Mr. Puppet Meets Mike Tyson!

My puppets are more famous than me!!
Rusty Zippers makes a Dorito's commerical in 2010

Martha the dog


Space Ghost Episode

Aunt Fannie sings the Beatles

Mr. Fancy Pants

Lawton Public Schools: Mr. Puppet comes to school

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